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    NFPA & CSA Standard
    EN ISO 20345 & EN 17249

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  Firechainsaw boots





Black / Lemon Yellow

Size Range

Euro: 37-48

Type of Construction

Vulcanized Rubber Upper and Sole

Last / Sole Pattern

Last: BDA (Snug Fit)
Sole Pattern: ST
Snug fit design to reduce weight load on leg


• Firefighting while handling hand held chainsaw
• Logging activity with fire hazard
• Structural Fire Fighting
• General fire rescue
• Bush fire fighting
• EMS (emergency medical services) and auto/highway rescue services


European Standard CE Approved -

EN 15090 : 2006 (F2 IS HI3 P T CI)
EN ISO 20345 : 2004 (SB P E CI SRA)
EN 17249 : 2004 (Class 3)

F2 =Type 2 footwear for firefighters suitable for fire rescue, fire suppression,
         property conservation & etc.
SB =Standard Basic Protection as per EN ISO 20345
IS =High Electrical Resistance Outsole
HI3=Heat Insulation Level 3
CI =Cold Insulation
SRA=Slip Resistance on ceramic tile with Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
E =Heel Energy Absorption
P =Penetration Resistance
T =Toe Protection

Lining Material

• Extra comfort with woven cotton canvas

Upper Construction

• Thick layers at front for chainsaw protection
• Flame retardant upper with heat insulation
• Reinforced upper layers with cut & puncture resistance
• High visibility with black and yellow contrast

Sole / Heel

• Flame retardant rubber outsole
• Fuel oil resistant sole suitable for inimical environment
• Slip resistant vulcanized rubber sole
• Excellent absorption design to minimize heel impact durability
• Catered to enter high temperature
• Cold insulating sole construction

Steel Midsole

• Non-corrosive stainless steel
• Withstands pin & sharp objects

Steel Toe Cap

• Treated with non-corrosive coating
• Meets EN ISO 20345 impact and compression tests
• Reliable protection in cold & hot environment

Chemical Resistance

• Sole & Upper - Resistant towards mild acid and alkali


• Hypalon lacquer coating for weather protection


• Recyclable Polybag & 6 pairs in a carton

*Specifications of the product are subject to changes without prior notice for further enhancements.